Hypnotherapy is a safe, gentle and effective way of removing unhelpful habits and beliefs that can prevent us from being our best selves. Clinical hypnosis induces deep relaxation, where the mind is more receptive to positive suggestion and changes to behaviour, unhooking unhelpful behaviour patterns and creating positive alternatives.

Our subconscious mind holds memories, both good and bad, that impact us throughout our lives. These can be triggered by events or feelings associated with past experiences, sending messages to our brain to react. This plays out in many different ways depending on the issue. Ethically we must look at where the issue began in order to safely shift the old beliefs or patterns. Hypnotherapy can promote life changing results; the comment I hear most from my clients is they wish they'd tried it sooner.

Each client is unique, so it is important to develop a treatment plan that is as individual as the clients.

During the consultation the client may be invited to try a taster session of a relaxation hypnosis, where they can embark on a gentle inner journey that invites all the senses to relax, release and enjoy the wonderful world of hypnosis.

"I would recommend Source Health to anyone and everyone, in just two sessions I have been able to start a new chapter in my life"


Are you wanting a calm magical birth ?
Do you want your body and mind to be in the best place possible?

It is a fact that the brain formation in unborn babies is affected by negative or positive emotions.

If the mother is living in fear, the fight or flight response will be on high alert and this will continue through childhood.

To enable mum and the unborn baby to be in the best relaxed and positive state, hypno-birthing is a gentle way to get body and mind in the optimum state for a beautiful birth. We can tailor a plan to fit your needs, to enable mum to feel relaxed and in tune with her body whilst baby receives all the love hormones and positive messages, instead of stress hormones. We often work with first time mums or mums that didn't have the birth they wanted previously. This is where the invaluable technique of Matrix Birth Re-imprinting really can give you the birth you want.


Commonly Asked Questions

Will I be in control?

Yes completely, hypnosis is just deep relaxation where we access our delta theta brain.

What if I fall asleep?
Thats ok-trust your body and your mind will still absorb the session

What if I can do it?
Don't worry thats my job. For particularly anxious clients or very analytical clients, there's always a way.

I had hypnosis before and it didn't work...
The first question I will ask if they actually felt comfortable and felt they had rapport, that's why choosing the right therapist for you is essential.


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