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Donna Grant is an energy psychologist who works with a range of issues using the most effective tools and techniques.

Donna has made it her mission in life and my purpose if you like, to help people become their best selves, to shift negative programming we may have picked up on life's journey. To heal and transform my clients into who they deserve to be.
She uses a beautiful blend of energy psychology techniques and she specialises in locating the root cause of our behaviours, emotions, thoughts and the Mind/Body connection.

Donna has a great interest in how our thoughts and beliefs play a huge part in our health and ultimately our happiness. How our early years programming effects how we view and feel in the world and the role of the subconscious. Even in utero we are forming our belief system, who we are, and how safe we feel in the world.
She sees a huge range of clients in my clinic and online, clients who want to overcome issues related to stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, unhelpful eating habits, coping strategies and many more. For her, looking at the source of the issue is where we resolve the issue. Donna uses a range of energy psychology tools to access a shift in perspective and change behaviours and negative programming, which can lead to some incredible transformations.

Donna's clinics are situated in Inverness, London and The New Forest, where she offers one to one appointments.
She also offers Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and What's app appointments for clients further afield. She runs workshops, retreats, trainings and corporate events.

Donna found hypnotherapy and EFT 12 years ago and became interested in how our subconscious programming affects our behaviour and the choices we make. This was a pivotal moment in her life: gaining a deeper understanding as to why she was making some really negative choices and how negative beliefs were materialising in her world. 

After trying numerous sessions of counselling, Donna discovered the most effective and rapid way to resolve her issues, related to my past, was to get to the root of her problem using EFT and hypnotherapy and some years later Matrix Re-imprinting would completely transform her life.

Donna's personal journey is rather lengthy, but she does think it plays a hugely important part of who she is as a therapist. She can relate, remain non-judgemental, empathetic and connect with my clients, due to her experiences. Most important of all, she knows if you really want to resolve an issue completely, we must look at any unconscious negative programming and that’s why Donna uses the therapies she feels are most effective.

Donna continues to train, teach and learn.
In 2013 Donna began my reiki training and became a Reiki Master;
She has a diploma in clinical Hypnosis and counselling;
Certified practitioner in EFT, Matrix Re-Imprinting, Matrix-Birth Re-Imprinting, Access Consciousness;
Higher perspectives training in working with habits, regression, trauma, Creative Art Therapy, Therapy with Children and Conscious Health training;
Past life regression;
Life purpose. 

Donna uses a blend of my skills to create a personalised plan for her clients and work with most issues.
Her clients range from age 7 and up: making sure they feel comfortable and safe is really the key to the success of the therapy.
She specialises in working with children, trauma and anxiety and she loves what she does.

"My advice to anyone reading this: find a therapist you like, go for a consultation and then decide. Taking care of you is important—there is only one you."

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Donna Van Vuuren


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Aurora Borealis, Tarradale Farm House, Muir of Ord, Ross-Shire, Scotland. IV6 7RS
The Natural Health Clinic, Queensmead, Beaulieu, Hampshire. SO42 7PJ
Notting Hill, London

Mobile: 07770 737413

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We currently run sessions in the following locations:

Beaulieu, Hampshire


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